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Showing posts from July 30, 2006

Caterpillars Eat Sweden!

I think my friend E-Fantastico 's nightmares might look a little like this: Carpet Caterpillars are apparently on a rampage in Sweden, relentlessly creating haunting, Christo-like tableaus for the aesthetic enjoyment of those cold, lonely Vikings. Thank you, Caterpillars, thank you for making the world a stranger place! (I found the original post at

A paragon for projects at Bill's Cabin in Bayfield...

My Dad and his buddies spend a couple of weekends a year up north at Bill's cabin in Bayfield, WI, puttering and being guys. They've started a Poplar-influencing project, bending saplings into art, which I think is way cool. So do these guys , who are making living houses out of bent trees. Here's a more recent post linking to an interview with arborsculptor Richard Reames:

One more for my Theologically minded friends:


I was gonna write a few more posts...

But I think I need to take a couple minutes to let this news sit. In the meantime, here's something I found linked to on The Day the Cow Sneezed , one of my favorite books when I was a kid, is in fact a lost artistic treasure!

I'm Gonna Send You One by One

One for the little bitty baby who was born in Bethlehem. Sitting in my room in the early afternoon, listening to Nina Simone with bright California sun and cool breezes coming in the windows, and I got hit by a bolt of lightning. Our friends Keith and June just had their baby. Welcome to the world, Lillian Hayley. Wow. The topic of Keith's email was "My daughter, Lillian Hayley Epstein" and when I saw it I thought, no, that can't be right--total cognitive dissonance. Then I read the text and saw the pictures, and started sobbing and laughing at the same time. Man oh man, what a thing. Congratulations, Keith and June--we are so happy for you!