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Cold Stone Creamery

I went to one of those once. Once. It was across State St. from The Chocolate Shoppe, which has been a Wisconsin-centric ice-creamery since I can remember. I spent my entire Cold Stone experience staring out the window at The Chocolate Shoppe wondering, "Why, oh why, couldn't I have spent my $$$ there, instead of at this corporate hell-hole?"

Click on the title of this post to find a happily vicious article on about Cold Stone Creamery. The author hits the nail right on the head with the description of the Cold Stone ice cream consistency: a vomit-inducing concoction, like lard coated with Kool Whip. [my paraphrase]

Yes, it's Finals week. Yes, I'm posting about ice cream instead of finishing my Hungarian exam. What's it to ya?


Anonymous said…
Hey big guy - just sending you a little positive mojo over the airwaves...being as how you're all in the dumps over H-Dawg, the man with the office moxie. Cheers, Mom-Dawg
Get back to your Hungarian studies, young man! Don't make me come out there with some fresh Babcock ice cream... orange chocolate chip, de finom!

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