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Showing posts from July 4, 2004

Mighty Minneapolis!

We've had some good times in Minneapolis! We went to a treehouse exhibit in the University of Minneapolis Arboteum that was cool...kind of hit-or-miss, but there were three really cool ones: a bona-fide walk-in birdsnest--is this what TMBG had in mind? TreeMan was my personal fave. You could walk up into his head! The Sugar Maple Ship would have been neater if you could climb around in it, but hey... We also went to the Walker Art Museum sculpture garden, and played 10 holes of mini-golf, each hole designed by an artist or team of artists. If you are in the Twin Cities any time soon, I highly recommend the experience. Get this! One of the photos on the Walker's website featured my high-school friend Karl Frankowski!!! He's famous! Karl Frankowski, goin' to town! We also watched fireworks from the Stone Arch Bridge, but I couldn't find any neat pictures of that. So much for our last hit of big-city culture until Fargo ND! Scratch

Happy times are here at last!

Mister Fatface looking for adventure Missus Fatface is equally beefy-cheeked! The Force is strong with these tires... The Mighty Adventure Begins! Well, here we are--all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota relaxing with Areca and Karl for the 4th of July weekend. Yay for friends! We've been visiting fools, dashing about the midwest with the great pleasure of a few days with Andy's grandmother and her Swedish guests, Ulla and Torbjorn, before coming here. Unfortunately, I've been having some knee troubles and we had to take a couple of rest days. Fortunately, the Swedes were both knee doctors and gave me a full examination which, to my relief, revealed simply that my patella is jumping its groove and causing inflammation. All this means is that I need to beef up my quads, which I am indeed in the process of doing! Beef them quads! So our morning of departure dawned looking a bit forboding weather-wise. It began to rain as soon as we mount