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Showing posts from August 5, 2018

Summishica + Velvia 50 = :-0

I was happy with some of the images I got on Kodak with this lens/camera combo; the ones of the Japanese Maple leaves were my favorites, and I loved how the two red peony photos came out. But. The finer grain and richer colors of the Velvia took me to another place. You have to remember that, when I was taking these pictures, I had no idea how they would turn out. Because the TL-Super meters through the lens (TL standing for, "through lens," natch) I was pretty confident that they would be metered okay, and I could see through the prism that at least something was going to be in focus, but beyond that it was really a wing and a prayer. You can judge for yourself how things developed: Spittle Bug Bleeding Hearts Foxgloves I Foxgloves II Columbines Interest Flower Interest Leaves Little Wildflowers No Idea Big Red Boys Anise? Apple Blossom and Ant Purple I am terrible at knowing flowers Nope.

A Few More in Kodak 400 Ultramax from the Summishica

These are actually my faves from that roll: Japanese Maple Cobweb on my walk to work Greta Red Peony Red Peony II