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Hairy Eyeball...

We've got our eyes on you...

Three tulips from E-Fantastico's birthday bouquet

Two closeups from a walk in Berkeley

Sunset in Santa Cruz

Sorry for being such a n00b...

But I have no idea (or, truth be told, desire to find out how) to make the photos I'm posting not be huge. What I would like would be to do it the way Team Cardavi does it over at the Driveway . Oh well. The last (previous) photos were from New Mexico and Golden Gate Park. the pond at the Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. sunset outside of Santa Rosa, CA. cart of Buddhas at Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley. some kind of tree-wood in Santa Cruz . denuded skimmer on the beach in Santa Cruz.

A little color...

I just published a wholly inadequate post over at Infinite Driveway about the death of Kurt Vonnegut Jr., one of the great humans of the last century. That's about all I have to say on the matter, so I thought I'd just post some photographs, to spice things up a little. And cause why the hell not?

New American Hero

Dr. Mary Schweitzer, for extracting soft tissue from a 68 million year old Tyrannosaur thigh-bone. Soft tissue. 68,000,000 years. Quick math: that's nearly one million human lifespans. Best paragraph from the article: "Repeated analysis of the T-rex proteins, the researchers said, uncovered new evidence of a link between dinosaurs and birds, a widely held but contentious hypothesis. Three of the seven reconstructed protein sequences were closely related to chickens. (The scientists resisted being drawn into speculation on the likely taste of a T-rex drumstick.)" What a cop-out!