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Showing posts from March 3, 2019

Little Snowy Mountains

 This afternoon I am using my grandfather's camera to take black and white pictures of the snow drifts before they melt in the coming warmer weather. My hope is that they look like miniature Antarctic mountainscapes. If they wind up anything like these from my cell phone, I'll be happy.
The first orange blossom of the year helps take the edge off of a -22° wind chill.

Wheat from Chaff

A neighbor's farm artifact,  leaning up against a junction box

Catching Up and Overtaking

Around this time last year I stopped using Facebook. This was not a principled, or even conscious, decision: one morning I pulled my phone out, and as my finger hovered over the Facebook icon a deep and uneasy resistance came over me. After a few days the initial desire to log in faded and a kind of reverse inertia set in: not checking Facebook became as much a habit as checking it had been. It was a bad year, scandals-wise, for Facebook, but the haphazard nature of my nonparticipation kept me from feeling smug. Plus I'd really ramped up my Twitter use, and Lord knows that platform has its own issues. What's more, Twitter amplified a side of my personality in a way that Facebook didn't (or at least as much): mean-spirited, factional, shitposting. Anger is an important emotion, and expressing it is important; but there are times on Twitter where I just feel *hostile*. Unkind. Certainly unministerial. Meanwhile in the real world, I spent the last year diving much more deepl