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The Unholy Marriage of a Screw-Mount Leica Summicron 50 & a Yashica TL-Super, Captured on Kodak Ultramax 400

Hey, Blogger still works! These are 12 photos I took in my backyard as a test roll to see how a classic screw-mount Leica lens would work with a classic SLR body. Pretty darn well, as far as I'm concerned! It wasn't really possible to focus past a foot or so, but for close work I found I could adjust a little for depth of field by extending the body of the Summicron in and out. I was happy enough with the Kodak 400, but in the following post I'll share some of the hallucinatory fever dream that emerged in the next roll, some lightly expired Fuji velvia 50. Bumbling   Foxgloves Smiley Guy Lens-Flared Japanese Maple Little Poofies Coiled Buds   Gone To Seed Yellow Iris Peony Columbines Bleeding Hearts Columbine Yellow Yarrow